Students Move from Dorms to Cruise Ships Due to Mold Infestations

St. Mary’s College of Maryland is situated on a beach, and it is not uncommon to find students spending their free time in boats with their friends. The college even offers classes that are taught by world-class sailing instructors for their students who want to become better sailors. Now, the school is taking things a step farther and allowing some students to live on cruise ships instead of in the dorms.
Wait a second. What? Why would the school be putting students up in a cruise ship instead of in the dorms? Well, a mold infestation recently forced the schools to evacuate two dorms in October. At first, the students were relocated to living in an off-campus hotel. Now, they have been relocated to a luxurious cruise ship that is currently docked at the school’s campus.
“I went to La Quinta Hotel and then a week later we found out we were going on a boat,” said Nicholas Samuels, a sophomore at the school.
Why the change? Keeping the students in the hotel was getting expensive – about $20,000 per day – and was also inconvenient for the students, who had to drive 20-minutes from the hotel to the schools campus. So, the school called upon an alumni connection to change up the situation. The solution was bringing in a 286-foot cruise ship that has it’s own gym, coffee shop, dance floor, and various lounges to be used as the new “residence hall” for more than 200 lucky students.
“It’s nice because we get fresh towels and we don’t have to do them ourselves,” said Elizabeth Smith, another sophomore at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.
It doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me. Maybe I should transfer schools. Who’s with me?
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