StudentUniverse Makes Travelling Affordable for College Students

This website might become your new best friend if you plan on travelling during your college career.
I love to travel! One of my favorite things to do is to travel somewhere that I have not been before and spend a week there, just soaking up the culture. Of course, I prefer to fly because it’s faster and I can go further away from home.
Unfortunately, flying is pretty expensive. A round trip ticket on Orbitz to NYC costs $579. On StudentUniverse, the same ticket is $292. Pretty big difference, huh?
StudentUniverse is a travel site created especially for students. Users are required to prove they are currently students by providing a school issued email address. Once users have been verified as being students, StudentUniverse negotiates with airline companies to receive discounted student rates.
In addition to cheaper prices, StudentUniverse offers better terms. Student tickets are usually more flexible than standard tickets. So if you need to change your dates or cancel, it is much easier to do so with a student ticket. StudentUniverse offers flights throughout the USA, Europe, and certain cities around the world, including Bejing, Hong Kong, and Lima.
Luckily, StudentUniverse offers more than just airfare tickets. Students can also find discounted hotels or hostels, train tickets across Europe, and activities, such as walking tours of the Vatican Museums or a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.
So, if you need a break from your summer job or are already planning your next spring break, check out StudentUniverse to save some serious cash. In my opinion, this student discount is a lot better than the 10 percent student discount at the local pizza place.
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