StudyBlue Allows Students to Collaborate Around the World

Sometimes studying by yourself isn’t that much fun. You don’t remember what your professor was talking about; that example you copied down doesn’t make as much sense as it did two weeks ago; you can’t read your own handwriting. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to access someone else’s notes about your subject? Maybe check out their flashcards, quizzes, or diagrams? Sounds slightly unrealistic, right? Well, thanks to, it’s no longer just a dream. is a new website that allows students to collaborate with other students from around the world, or just from across town, on subjects ranging from art history to organic chemistry. Students on post their notes, flashcards, old quizzes, study guides, etc. These files then become available to everyone on the site. Think Napster, except you are trading knowledge instead of music and there are no sticky legal issues.
Once you sign up for an account on, you gain access to similar classes from around the world, or opt to only access information that is from your school. You can sort the information by class subject as well.
If you don’t really care to view other people’s notes, you can also create a private file on Here you can store all of your information and access it anywhere you can access the Internet. Now, when you go to the library to study for midterms, you don’t have to lug along two binders of notes, a textbook, and all of your old quizzes. All you need is the Internet and a account.
The best part is that is free! You can also make money on by submitting your notes and referring friends.
So if your notes are less than perfect, or you just want to check out what other students think about the class/subject, check out This website is a very useful tool for peer-edited learning and can be incredibly helpful when you need some extra information.