Taking Your Car to College

My mom and I have had this conversation way too many times to count. I argue that I think having my car at college will be a good idea and that it’ll come in handy, whereas she sees it as a waste, especially when you are going to a college in a bigger city that has good public transportation. When I think of public transportation though, I think of dirty buses that scary people ride! But after riding public transportation, I began to view it in a much different light. Also, bigger cities such as New York have subways, which are also a convenient way to travel quickly around the city, as long as you know where you are going!
Another way to get around, especially on campus, would be a bike! OK, it may sound like a dorky idea, but especially if you are on a much bigger campus without a car, a bike would be easier than a car to use around campus. Even with a bike you can ride to places that are relatively close to campus and if you ever need a ride, I’m sure a student with a car would be willing to take you somewhere.
Of course, another factor that must be considered is the cost of gas. At the rate gas is going, taking a car to college is almost ridiculous. You always hear college kids joking about being broke because they are in college, imagine paying for gas that is $7 a gallon, where are you going to get money for food!? So considering how expensive it could potentially be to have your car with you on campus, it might be better for you as a college student to take your bike or just consider public transportation!
So if you and your parents ever get into a heated discussion about whether or not you get to take your car to college, take into consideration where you are going and how much it would cost for you to keep your car with you. Because ultimately, it could be better to not take your car!