Teach For America Gets $100 Million for First Endowment

The Teach For America organization is getting $100 million to launch its first endowment. The hopes of the organization are that this endowment will make this organization a permanent part of education.
Teach For America was started 20 years ago and is an organization that places recent college graduates into low-income public schools. The organization has drawn criticism from teachers unions because they place teachers with no experience in a teaching position for two years and many don’t continue teaching after that period of time. Teach For America has stated that one third of their alumni continue teaching after two years and their teachers are at least as effective as teachers who enter the teaching field through traditional methods.
Teach For America serves communities all over the country and works to make sure that a child’s background does not determine their educational outcome.

Four different philanthropists are coming together to create a long-term source of money for Teach For America. Funds are coming from the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the Robertson Foundation, and philanthropists Steve and Sue Mandel. In the past, the organization has received its budgeted funds from nonprofit organizations and federal grants, but those funds are not always dependable so this steady flow of income will help grow the number of members and increase the number of communities reached.
Via Fox News