Texas A&M Aggies Are Considering Joining the SEC

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, rumor has it that Texas A&M will be joining the SEC. An official announcement will probably be made around August 22.
So when would the Aggies make the move? Some say that it could be as early as 2012. The official deadline for changing football conferences was July 1, 2011, which means that the deadline has already passed for the team to change, but it is still possible for the SEC and Big 12 to settle the issue, probably if Texas A&M pays a larger exit fee.
Part of the reason that the Aggies might be switching conferences can be traced back to the Longhorn Network, a new television network that only airs University of Texas sporting events. Evidently this really upset the Aggies, which could have spurred their decision to change conferences.

What does this mean for the Big 12 Conference? Commission Dan Beebe said he feels comfortable with the current state of the Big 12. However, if this school leaves the conference, it is possible that other schools, such as the University of Oklahoma, might also start considering other conferences. If this happens, it will probably lead to the demise of the Big 12 Conference and the consequences could be felt in conferences across the nation.
Via The Bleacher Report