Texas Professor Gives Final Lecture From Hospital Bed

William Kielhorn giving his hospital bed lecture
It’s unusual to lecture a class from a hospital bed, but one Texas professor has good reason.
“I very strongly felt that I’d like to complete this 45 years without a miss,” said William Kielhorn, an engineering professor at LeTourneau University suffering from stage four colon cancer.
In that 45 years he has never missed a beat, and Kielhorn was determined not to miss the final class.
“The first thing he asked the doctor was would he be out by 3:00 for class,” said Amanda Streed, Kielhorn’s granddaughter. “He was laying in ICU, you know, they’re hooking him up to everything.”

He conducted his final lecture on Thursday at a hospital via videoconferencing. He started class with a prayer, just like he always does, and students tuned in until the end of class. Students learned more than just engineering, they learned that, no matter what happens to a person in life, they have to keep going. Undeniably, Kielhorn showed his perseverance by making it to the full 45 years.
“If we had teachers that really cared that much and stuck with their students, people would probably be a lot better off these days,” Streed said.
A last class for a professor is generally a milestone to celebrate, and it was no different for Kielhorn. His family was at Good Shepherd Medical Center to help celebrate that moment with him.
“After it was over, and the lecture was done, we were like, ‘You did it, Dad, you did it,'” said Martha Croft, Kielhorn’s daughter. “Course you know, God gave him the strength to do it.”
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