The 10 Best Fine Arts Schools

What exactly can you do with a Masters degree in Fine Arts? Well, you have three main options:
1. Have you always been gifted with a pencil? Maybe sculpting breathtaking works of art form a mound of clay is more your style. Do you want to be a professional artist? Sure, it might be rough going, financially, but the emotional appeal of doing art for art’s sake is too strong for some creative geniuses.
2. Or perhaps you want to share your gift with others and teach students how to express themselves through art. Imagine helping a kindergarten student trace his fingers and create a turkey for Thanksgiving. Or do you see yourself critiquing the final projects of a senior high school art class and helping them prepare for entrance exams to top art schools?
3. Your final main option is to go into graphic arts. Once you master Photoshop, Paint, Illustrator, or another similar program, you could find yourself creating video games, advertisements, newsletters, pamphlets, and so much more.
So, all of these sounds appealing to you? Then check out US News’ list of the top 10 schools to earn a Masters in Fine Arts degree.
1. Rhode Island School of Design
2. Yale University
3. School of the Art Institute of Chicago
4. Cranbrook Academy of Art
5. Maryland Institute College of Art
6. Virginia Commonwealth University
7. California Institute of the Arts
8. Carnegie Mellon University
9. University of California- Los Angeles
10. Alfred University- New York State College of Ceramics
Another plus for attending a fine arts school to earn your Masters degree? All of the wonderful fine arts scholarships that are available!
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