The 17 Day Diet for College Students

If you haven’t heard about the 17 Day Diet, by Dr. Mike Moreno, you obviously have been studying too hard. The 17 Day Diet has been making waves all over the Internet and along the talk show circuit, like The Doctors and Dr. Phil.
So what exactly is The 17 Day Diet and how could a college student like yourself follow it?
Read on to learn more.
The 17 Day Diet is a carb cycle diet. What that essentially means is that you keep your carb grams at a set limit depending upon the phase of the diet you are in. Some days, you’ll keep those carbs super low – egg whites and turkey bacon for breakfast anyone? – and some days you’ll get to indulge in your favorite serotonin-packed comfort foods.
The 17 Day Diet is based on physiology and metabolism. Dr. Moreno’s 17 day plan is designed to reset your metabolism so that you’re burning fat, rather than muscle, and quelling those ravenous cravings for fried mozzarella sticks or a box of Cap’n Crunch cereal.
If you’re on board with The 17 Day Diet food plan, but hate the gym, don’t worry. True to its themed name, The 17 Day Diet has a 17-minute exercise workout that you can do from your dorm room or the living room of your apartment.
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And for those of you who need to know just how qualified Dr. Mike Moreno is to be telling you how to lose weight, his education background is pretty solid. Dr. Moreno, better known as “Dr. Mike,” is a graduate of the University of California at Irvine and Hahnemann Medical School, now Drexel University. After completing his residency at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana, California, he started his family medicine practice in San Diego, where he is also a member of the board for the San Diego Chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians.
Here a video from’s discussing the facts about The 17 Day Diet.