The 50 Best College Football Teams

All college students know that having a good football team is something to be proud of. The bragging rights are endless, especially when your team beats your conference rival. Bleacher Report recently announced the top 50 college football programs, based on “national championships, conference championships, postseason success, Heisman winners, All-Americans, and [number of] wins.”
Does your school make the list? If so, feel free to brag; I know I will be doing my fair share of bragging. Look who’s number one! Boomer Sooner!

  1. University of Oklahoma. The number one team in the nation is the University of Oklahoma Sooners, who have had a .765 winning percentage since 1945. They have won seven national championships and won their conference 39 times. Don’t forget that the Sooners have finished the season ranked in the top five 29 times, and it’s easy to see why Crimson and Cream are the best school colors around.
  2. University of Notre Dame. Notre Dame has had more All-American players than any other school. They also have had seven Heisman winners. Although they haven’t been doing as well as they used to, back in the 1940s, the Fighting Irish won four national championships in a seven-year period.
  3. University of Southern California. The Trojans have won 11 national championships, have a 31-16 postseason record, and have produced seven Heisman winners. Quite impressive, if you ask me.
  4. Ohio State University. The Buckeyes have definitely won their fair share of games over the years. They have only had five losing seasons since 1936. They have been national champions seven times and conference champs 36 times.
  5. University of Nebraska. The Cornhuskers hold the title for longest postseason wins, appearing in postseason games every year from 1969 to 2003. They have won their conference titles 26 times, have had 30 major bowl game appearances, and 23 seasons where they won at least 10 games.
  6. University of Alabama. Alabama has won 13 national championships, making it one of the most successful teams in the nation. However, the team has only had one Heisman winner: Mark Ingram in 2009.
  7. University of Michigan. Michigan has had 884 wins in the past 100 years, making it the highest winning program in all of college football.
  8. University of Texas. Texas was possibly at its best from 1963 to 1970. In more recent years, Texas has had nine 10-win seasons since 2001 and a national victory in 2005.
  9. University of Miami. From 1983 to 2003, the Miami Hurricanes have been in the top 25 every year except for one. They won titles in 1983, 1987, 1989, and 1991. They most recently won the 2001 national championship.
  10. Florida State University. FSU was the team to beat in the 1990s. From 1990 to 1999, they finished in the top five every year, spending 58 weeks as the #1 team in the nation.
  11. Penn State University
  12. University of Tennessee
  13. Louisiana State University
  14. University of Georgia
  15. University of Florida
  16. UCLA
  17. University of Washington
  18. University of Arkansas
  19. Georgia Institute of Technology
  20. Auburn University
  21. Clemson University
  22. Texas A&M University
  23. University of Mississippi
  24. Michigan State University
  25. Brigham Young University
  26. University of Colorado
  27. University of Pittsburgh
  28. Arizona State University
  29. University of Iowa
  30. Syracuse University
  31. Texas Christian University
  32. University of Minnesota
  33. University of West Virginia
  34. University of Maryland
  35. University of Wisconsin
  36. Virginia Tech
  37. United States Military Academy
  38. University of Missouri
  39. Boston College
  40. University of North Carolina
  41. University of California
  42. University of Oregon
  43. Stanford University
  44. University of Illinois
  45. University of Utah
  46. Duke University
  47. Texas Tech University
  48. Southern Methodist University
  49. Purdue University
  50. United States Naval Academy

Where did your school fall on the list?