The Best Alarm Clocks for College Students

It was only the second day of school, and I already failed to wake up to my cell phone’s alarm. Luckily, I made it to class on time, but determined to not let it happen again, I went to the store after class to get a new alarm. Who knew there were so many different types of alarms on the market today? Which ones will really wake me up in time to get coffee before class? Which ones will short out every time the power flickers? Argh! Too many questions!
So, I came home and started doing a little research. Here are the alarm clocks that I concluded are best for hard to wake students.

1. Sony ICF-C318 Automatic Time Set Clock Radio with Dual Alarm. This is an all-around great alarm and has several awesome features. First, it will never lose the time due to a power outage because it has a back-up lithium power source. Second, it automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time, which means I would never be an hour early or late to my classes because I forgot to “fall backward” or “spring forward. “ The third thing about this alarm that really strikes my fancy is that it allows you to program two separate wake up times. With this alarm, if you sleep through your first wake up call, there’s a chance the second one will do the job. Price: Around $15.00.

2. iHome’s Dual Alarm Clock Radio. If you love waking up to music, then this is the alarm clock for you. This alarm clock allows you to choose whether you wake up to your radio or your iPhone/iPod. This alarm features week and weekend alarm settings, and makes waking up a less jarring experience with gradually increasing volume settings. It also syncs the time with your iPhone/iPod, so it will not reset itself to 12:00 during a power outage. Price: Around $100.00

3. Clocky. If you’ve always hated mornings, this is the answer to your parents’ prayers – and possibly your worst nightmare. This alarm clock is on wheels, and if you press the snooze button more than once, it will start to roll around your room. This forces you to get up and chase it in order to turn it off. Although this sounds sort of like cruel and unusual punishment to me, many students have found it to be quite useful. Price: Around $50.00.

There’s no way around the fact that college students have to get up in the mornings and go to class. Luckily, you can make getting up a little more interesting…or at least less painful…if you have the right alarm clock.
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