The Best Architecture Schools in the U.S.

One of the more complicated, yet important college majors that students can pursue is architecture. Architecture is the art and science of designing and erecting buildings and other physical structures. There are a lot of skills involved in becoming an architect and it’s the type of profession that’s good for those that enjoy drawing and numbers, as well as working hands on with a team on a public project. Without architects, some of the world’s most beautiful buildings wouldn’t be possible, and there is a sense of pride in seeing something you have designed and built yourself, for others to use and enjoy.
If you are interested in perusing a degree in architecture, you’ll want to go to a school well-known for its architecture program. Not only will you get an amazing education, but the school you attend can open a lot of doors when it’s time to get a job.
If you want to find the absolute best architecture schools for your undergraduate degree, Architectural Record has compiled the list below:

  1. Cornell University
  2. Syracuse University
  3. California State Polytechnic University
  4. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  5. University of Texas, Austin
  6. Kansas State University
  7. University of Oregon
  8. Rhode Island School of Design
  9. Rice University
  10. University of Southern California, Los Angeles

It is important to choose the best school for you and your goals, so do your research and make the right decision for you.
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