The Best Communication Schools in the U.S.

The art of communicating isn’t often one that you would think someone would specialize in for a career. However, communication has become quite a popular college major. Communicating is a process where information is enclosed in a package and then given by a sender to a receiver via some medium. Pretty broad, huh?
A bachelor’s degree in communication can result in several different types of jobs because of its flexible nature. As a degree, communication combines convincing arguments with the appropriate channels to deliver your message most effectively. Some of the great careers that can be had by those with a communications degree include public relations specialist, corporate communications, publicist, communications director, among many others.
Finding the right college to attend for your communications degree can make a big difference in the job you are able to get after graduation. Many schools offer a degree in communication, but not all schools specialize in that field. If you are able to attend a school that’s known for their communication program, it will look great on your resume, and better prepare you for your career. If you are interested in getting your communications degree, below is a list of the top communication schools according to Zen College Life:

  1. Northwestern University
  2. University of Pennsylvania, Anneberg
  3. University of North Carolina
  4. University of Texas
  5. Syracuse University
  6. University of Georgia Henry W. Grady College
  7. University of Minnesota
  8. University of Kansas
  9. University of Iowa
  10. George Washington University

Choosing the right school is a big decision, so do your research and make the right choice for you.
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