The Best Concerts of Summer 2010

“Summer time, and the living’s easy.”
“I think about you in the summertime.”
“I know a place, where the grass is really greener.”
“Singing ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ all summer long…”
There are so many songs about summer. Music is a huge part of summer for me, and what is the best way to hear your favorite song? At a concert! Many popular artists go on tour during summer, and these summer concerts are always crowd favorites.

This summer, one of my favorite artists, Lady Gaga, is going on tour and you can bet I have tickets. However, she is not the only musical genius (Yes, I am using that term loosely) to go on tour this summer. According to Ticketmaster, here are the top selling concerts for Summer 2010.

1. Nickelback. Although the tour does not start until the end of summer, this show is going to be awesome! Nickelback is teaming up with two other talented musical groups – Three Days Grace and Buckcherry – for a 25 city tour. According to a fan who saw Nickelback perform last year, the concert was “by far one of the best in a long time.”

2. Warped Tour. If you are a fan of alternative rock, this is the concert for you! This year’s set list includes heavy-hitters such as 3OH!3, Everclear, Sum 41, and We the Kings. Warped Tour is great because of the vast number of performers – more than 180 bands are scheduled to perform this year. With that many different artists, you are sure to find something you like at the Warped Tour.

3. John Mayer. Well, you either love him or you hate him. But, if you love him, you will be ecstatic to know that he still has more than 30 cities in his summer tour, which does not end until September 4, 2010. According to a fan, Mayer performs songs off all of his albums, which means a wide variety of Mayer style, since his albums “all sound uniquely different.” According to another fan, Mayer sounds even better in concert than on his albums. With reviews like these, any Mayer fan should definitely try to get tickets to this concert.

4. Justin Bieber. He has been setting female hearts aflutter for quite a while now, so it is no wonder that his concert has been ranked one of the best of the summer. Bieber’s concert tour is the longest tour yet, with more than 40 performances left between now and the last concert, which will be on December 23 in Atlanta, Georgia. If you want to hear this teenage heartthrob croon about having “Somebody to Love” or telling you just “One Time” how much he cares, this is your chance.

5. Muse. Muse is quickly becoming a main-stay on today’s music scene due to their eclectic style of alternative rock, indie, classical, and progressive rock. The bands 15-set tour starts in September and runs through the beginning of November. For all of you Canadians, don’t worry about buying a plane ticket to see the band in the USA. Muse has one concert planned for Quebec City on October 21.

So, if you have a musical calling to see an amazing concert this summer, try to make it to one of these shows. Or, if a concert really isn’t your style, try kicking it pool-side with your headphones and these best summer songs.