The Best Holiday Airline Deals for Students

Whether flying home for the holidays or trying to book a trip for spring break, it’s important to have an idea of where to get the best flight deals on a college student’s budget.
There are numerous web sites available that students can use to book travel airfare. Some sites even target students for their discount flight rates. To find the best airline rates as a student, you just have to be willing to do a little digging. The most important thing is to compare all the rates you find. A few dollars can make a big difference when you’re low on cash and trying to make it somewhere.
One of the first places to check for competitive airline flight prices are some of the big travel-based web sites like Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity and Kayak. These web sites do a lot of the work for you; you simply enter in your dates and destinations and they will provide you with different options and their pricing. Some of the student airline web sites available offer this same type of structure.
It’s important to think about how much you plan to travel by air. If you plan to use air travel as your preferred method, then pick an airline and join their miles program. This can lead to possible free flights in the future and additional discounts.
Aside from the traditional travel web sites, there are also some sites that really do cater specifically to students. To get the best deals on some of these sites, you have to actually prove that you are a student. As long as you have no problem with that, you will find that there are some sites that offer better deals. Some of the highest-rated web sites that genuinely offer students discounted airfare are:

  • STATravel
  • Student Universe
  • Travelosophy
  • Travel Cuts
  • International Student
  • Premier Travel

Using sites like those listed can be a great tool for getting cheap airfare. Be sure to check all resources, including sites that might not offer special student rates. You may find a killer deal there as well.
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