The Best Medical Schools in the U.S. is currently doing a series of the best graduate schools in the U.S. Below is a list of the best medical research schools.
These schools were selected by US News, based on several factors, including assessments by residency directors, average research activity per faculty member, and average MCAT score of accepted students.

The 5 best medical research schools in the country are:
1. Harvard University. Average tuition: $39,900
2. John Hopkins University. Average tuition: $38,000
3. University of Pennsylvania. Average tuition: $41,036
4. Washington University in St. Louis. Average tuition: $45,550
5. University of California-San Francisco. Average tuition: $12,245
The five best primary medical care schools in the U.S. are:
1. University of Washington. Average tuition: $45,527
2. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Average tuition: $35,273
3. Oregon Health and Science University. Average tuition: $43,156
4. University of Colorado-Denver. Average tuition $49,835
5. University of California-San Francisco. Average tuition: $12,245
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