The Best Spring Break Beach Reads: Your Official Vacation Reading List

by Jessica Tholmer

Thank goodness spring is almost here! More importantly, TGISB… thank God it’s (almost) spring break! Sure, the best part of spring break is the sunshine and revelry far from the strenuous day to day of college life. But to us, reading books is the best part, especially the kind that are not assigned to you.

If you plan to catch up on some leisure reading while you’re spring breaking, here are some great reads that will keep you entertained while you lay on the beach.

The Mortdecai Trilogy

If the name “Mortdecai” sounds familiar, it is because Johnny Depp recently released a movie based on the novel. Though the movie flopped, the Mortdecai Trilogy has everything a spring breaker needs: romance and mystery.

Where Rainbows End

The novel written by Cecelia Ahern, author of PS, I Love You, is the perfect spring read. Follow the tale of best friends Alex and Rosie as they maintain the balance between romance and love when Alex moves from Ireland to the US. Maybe that’s the inspiration you need to plan your spring break trip!

Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances

Crowd favorite Neil Gaiman’s newest novel is perfect for a week-long vacation. Trigger Warning features stories, poems, and even a Doctor Who episode. What else could you need you?

A Spool of Blue Thread

Follow the generational story of the Whitshanks, full of life, love, family, and connections. Anne Tyler threads it all together in a story dating back to the 1920s.

The Melody Lingers On

Mary Higgins Clark has been writing murder mysteries seemingly for forever, and The Melody Lingers On is the newest in her bunch of intriguing tales. Follow the story that begins as a simple college essay and quickly turns into the truth about one woman’s biggest tragedy. Clark is always a page-turner, perfect to capture your attention!

Before I Go

Though this novel is a little heavier than something someone might pick up for spring, it is an easy read, as well as a deeply emotional one. Though Before I Go follows a woman who finds out her cancer has returned, the adventure she goes on to find her husband a replacement wife is both heartbreaking and touching at the same time. Be sure to pack a really absorbent beach towel!

All the Bright Places

Jennifer Niven creates a young adult book that is already being compared to fan favorites like The Fault in Our Stars. The novel tells the story of Violet and Theodore, two kids who meet at the school bell tower and accidentally save each other’s lives. Who doesn’t love an intense love story?

I Was Here

Gayle Forman’s newest novel combines mystery, love, and best friendship — the things life is made of. The story is fast-paced, thrilling, and emotional; a quick and interesting read.

I’ll Meet You There

You aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but Heather Demetrios’ cover will have your attention right away. Good thing the story matches the judgment as well. Two teenagers meet at a local motel, romance ensues, but the book is so much deeper than that. Get to know them and be prepared to fall in love.


Another novel with gripping cover art, David Arnold’s Mosquitoland follows a young girl who travels from Mississippi to Ohio to visit her mother who has fallen ill. The girl hops a bus to travel across the states, and finds herself along the way. This book has received tons of positive reviews, so be ahead of the game and pick it up ASAP.

Yes Please
You may not have had time to delve into Amy Poehler’s first book with all of your studying, but now you don’t have an excuse. It reads like a cool, hilarious conversation with the brilliant comedian. She talks about her recent divorce, her kids, but most interestingly her life-long love and pursuit of comedy.
The Astronaut’s Wives Club
If you dig a good non-fiction read that you can’t put down, then the real-life story of the wives of NASA’s first astronauts is a must! Simple military wives propelled to the national spotlight overnight, the share their incredibly unique, candid experiences about life, love, loss, and sisterhood during America’s great space race.
You’ve probably already caught the movie, but have you read the book? Then do yourself a favor and grab this before you get to the airport. The movie is surprisingly true to the book, but her words bring this raw story to life in a beautiful, gripping way that no big screen can do justice.
Debating if a book was better than a movie? Then you’ve gotta follow the Book Vs Movie podcast hosted by two Margos who review the classics and new releases, from Gump to Gone Girl.
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