The Best Summer Apps for Students

It’s officially summer break! School is out and you officially do not have to do anything academic for three fantastic months! Yay! However, if you do not use your brain over the summer, you are most likely going to suffer from summer brain drain. So, how can you use it and not lose it this summer while still having fun? You could read some books or do the New York Times crossword, or you could check out these fun iPhone apps.
Big Bad Sudoku Book Do you love playing sudoku? Personally, I can’t get enough of it. This app has many different puzzles and different levels, challenging you up to the expert level. The Big Bad Sudoku Book also has decorative backgrounds and fun visuals, which make it much more fun to look at than a black-and-white newspaper sudoku.

The Oregon Trail: Adventures of the WestRemember how much fun this game was when you were younger and playing it on your old-school computer? It’s even better now that it’s on the iPhone. This game will get your brain working by making life-or-death decisions in the game and also learning a little bit about the original pioneers who explored the American West.
Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?This is the ultimate trivia game. When I was younger, my parents and I used to watch this show together and try to come up with the answers before the contestant on the show could. Now, I can play this game on my phone. However, you have to play fair when you are playing this game and don’t use Google to find the answers.
Cash CabThis game is similar in its concept to Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. If you have ever seen the hit Discovery Channel gameshow, you know what this game is all about. If not, let me explain. You will be “traveling” in the Cash Cab through NYC, answering questions to win cash. This is another fun trivia game that will challenge your brain during those hot summer months.
Angry BirdsOh, come on, this game is fun no matter what season it is. However, it actually does have an academic side because it brings in trajectory and physics. But really, I’m just addicted to the game and think that everyone should have it.
Who ever said that playing games was not a beneficial use of your time? Definitely not this girl! Have fun playing this summer!