The Best Summer Songs of the 21st Century

Have you ever noticed how a song can bring back all kinds of memories? It might remind you of your first school dance or maybe a fun vacation you took with friends.
There is no way to count how many awesome songs are released every year. However, there are always a few great songs that come along that can embody a season. For me, 2010 was definitely the year of “Stereo Love,” while last year was more of a “Hey Soul Sister” year. Surprisingly enough, both of these songs made their big debuts during the summertime.
This got me thinking: what have been the biggest summer songs of this century? Whether by the pool, on a road trip, or at the gym, this definitively summer playlist will help you bring back and make plenty of new memories.
2000: “Say My Name.” Destiny’s Child
2001: “Get the Party Started.” Pink.
2002: “Hot in Herre.” Nelly.
2003: “Crazy in Love.” Beyonce, featuring Jay-Z.
2004: “Confessions, Pt. II.” Usher.
2005: “Hollaback Girl.” Gwen Stefani.
2006: “Promiscuous.” Nelly Furtado, featuring Timbaland.
2007: “Umbrella.” Rihanna, featuring Jay-Z.
2008: “I Kissed a Girl.” Katy Perry.
2009: “Boom Boom Pow.” Black Eyed Peas.
2010: “California Gurls.” Katy Perry, featuring Snoop Dogg.
2011: “Party Rock Anthem.” LMFAO.
What song will be the anthem of Summer 2012? If we had to vote today, we’d put our money on “Call Me Maybe.” Give us your predictions in the comments section below!