The Best Unrealistic Movies About College

Everyone knows how hard you are supposed to work in college in order to succeed. It is expected that you wake up for your 8:00 am class every morning; you sit in the front row of every class and interact with the professors; you read the chapter and supplemental materials before the class they are due for; when the professor asks for a volunteer, your hand is the first in the air.
Basically, if you want to succeed in college, you have to be a mega-nerd and dedicate yourself 115 percent to every class you take. Speaking of classes, you should probably enroll in 18 hours each semester so that you can graduate early.
Okay, so maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration. But, to a degree, that is what college is: Alot of studying, reading, and research. If you do everything right, you might get an “A” in the class, or you might not.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if college was more about slacking off all day and partying all night? Well, if you want to escape for an hour or two and enjoy an alternative universe, check out our list of top five If Only College Really Was Like This movies.
1. “National Lampoon’s Animal House.” This movie is the epitome of college party movies. Chances are, if you haven’t seen any other movies on this list, you have seen this one. It has everything you wished college was: Parties, booze, hot chicks, frat boys, and that friend who can drink everyone else under the table every single night.
2. “Accepted.” Wouldn’t it be great to attend a school that offers classes such as “How to Answer Interview Questions You Aren’t Prepared For 101” or “Blowing Things Up with Your Mind?” Well, as outrageous as those sound, those are the types of classes that are offered at South Harmon Institute of Technology, home of the S.H.I.T.heads. This movie follows the adventures of Bartleby Gaines, as he realizes he hasn’t been accepted to a single college he applied for and creates his own school to give other rejected students a chance to be accepted.
3. “Slackers.” Pulling all-nighters before a test is definitely not fun. As unethical as it is, sometimes the idea of cheating on a test sounds quite appealing when you are still cramming at 5:30 am for your 9:00 class. The students in Slackers have no morals, so they do cheat on every single exam they take in college. Weeks before graduation, one of these slackers, Dave, is caught cheating by a total geek. Dave can only save his reputation (and his college career) if he hooks the geek up with his dream girl, who just so happens to be Dave’s girlfriend. Drama ensues.
4. “PCU. If you attend Port Chester University, you will meet some of the wildest partiers you’ve ever had the please or misfortune to meet. This movie is all about their efforts to transform PCU from the politically correct, traditional institute of higher education that it is into a party-animal’s dream school. “PCU” is the ultimate college satire and no social group is left unscathed.
5. “Van Wilder.” Meet Van Wilder. He’s been attending college for seven years, and he has absolutely no intention of graduating; essentially, he is the definition of a college slacker. He is something of a college legend, so naturally the cutest journalist for the school paper decides to write a report about him. When Van starts flirting with the cute reporter, her boyfriend gets jealous and starts a campaign to have Van expelled, or force him to graduate. I won’t spoil the ending, but this movie promises plenty of laughs and an unrealistic view of college life.
So, next time you wish you could abandon your dreams of success in college and just party all the time, don’t. But do plop one of these DVDs into your DVD player and relax; unlike these characters, you deserve it.