The College Application Process is Finally Complete

After a VERY long process, I can finally say that I am completely done with the college application process. It has obviously been a month or two since I completed all the applications, but today I finally got all my financial aid information sent in the mail. A huge weight seems to be lifted off my shoulders because now I realize I am done. Unless I hear back from one of my schools, saying they need something else, everything is complete and turned in.
Now I can actually sit back, relax, and wait to hear from all my schools. I will finally know about all my schools by April 1. Then by May 1, I will have to have told whichever school I plan on attending and pay my down payment to ensure my spot in their freshman class. This is the day I have been waiting for for a long time and I think many of my friends are also looking forward to these dates because I think it will be interesting to see where everyone ends up next year.
And while this may be an exciting opportunity, this will also be a sad time to face because we will be split apart after being with some friends for only a few years, and others since elementary school. So with the college decision comes many other things that all of us will face and although these decisions may be scary, the idea of them also excites me. I am ready to face something new and completely different.