The Difference Between an Externship and an Internship

With an ever-evolving vocabulary and culture, Americans often find themselves Googling terms that they have never heard of because they might be embarrassed to make it known that they don’t actually have any idea what their friends and colleagues are talking about.
One term I have found that a lot of people don’t quite understand is an “externship” and especially the difference between an internship and an externship.
Similar to an internship, an externship is an experience, normally in the early stages of your career, to essentially give you a better understanding and a first-hand look at a company’s culture, the jobs they have within their departments, and the expectations of the field you could potentially professionally pursue.
While internships usually last for a summer or semester, externships vary slightly in length, but normally last one to three days. Generally involving shadowing a professional through their typical day’s activities along with a tour of the facility, sometimes externship coordinators will arrange informational interviews of their employees, and small participation and contributions to actual company projects.
While most internships are unpaid, almost all of them are available for academic credit. Externships, however, hardly ever provide financial compensation or school credit.
The best way to obtain an externship is to reach out to personal contacts that you know work in your desired field. If you don’t have any then simply research online companies in your area and inquire about job shadowing opportunities. Do not underestimate the exposure professional associations and career fairs may provide, as they are a great source to network and inquire about externships.
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