The Easiest Colleges to Get Into

Some schools have more of an open door policy than others. The Ivy League, private schools or some of the more elite and respected universities in the country will be the hardest colleges to get into. Most state schools, while no pushovers, make a college education more accessible. State colleges and universities by all means have standards, rich traditions and reputations that should be upheld. Otherwise, how much is that piece of paper really worth?
There are those, however, that are more accessible and less selective. Some of these include:
Weber State University – 100 percent acceptance
University of Texas San Antonio – 99 percent acceptance
University of Texas El Paso – 99 percent acceptance
When evaluating state schools, consider states like Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota or Montana where populations are generally lower and admissions are always looking to diversify their campus with bright, driven students.
Also considered the easiest colleges to get into are trade schools, community colleges, non-traditional colleges, and some online-only programs. These typically allow students to study for a certification/diploma or an associate’s degree. For students who want to take their first couple years of college at a slower pace, save money, start their careers sooner, or possibly even reinvent themselves academically, these are the places to do that.
Students graduating from a technical or trade school are often able to move directly into an in-demand career that can be fulfilling and often pay well. Some of these include massage therapy or cosmetology, electrical, computer programming, paralegal, graphic arts and many more.
Often online colleges or the schools focused on working adults have near-perfect acceptance rates. Most are available online, allowing you to continue pursuing an existing career, care for your family, or manage other aspects of life that don’t afford you the opportunity to attend school full-time. Some of these include:
ITT Technical Institute
National American University
Capella University

American InterContinental University
University of Phoenix