The Four Most Important Classes for Life

Do you ever wonder just how exactly your degree is going to help you in the real world? Your degree may give you a boost in your career, but what about life?
The sad truth is, you might be learning a lot of information that will not be useful to you after graduation. However, if you follow the advice of Gregory Mankiw, a Harvard professor, and take classes that will prepare you for the “game of life,” you will receive a truly fulfilling education.
Mankiw thinks that there are four core areas that all students need to have at least a basic understanding of to be successful human beings: economics, statistics, finance, and psychology.
Economics are important for students because it “helps students understand the whirlwind of forces swirling around them,” Mankiw said. “It develops rigorous analytic skills that are useful in a wide range of jobs.” Alfred Marshall said economics is “the study of mankind in the ordinary business of life.” After graduation, students will be in the ordinary business of life – and a full understanding of how it works is priceless.
Statistics are key for students because it helps them understand probability. Understanding probability is a crucial tool for real life, as it allows you to interpret numbers and data, making it easier to make decisions and predict the outcome.
Finance is essential because…hey, money makes the world go ’round! Finance classes teach you how to manage your money, how to invest it, and how to make the most money you can. Currency is a universal language, and understanding it fully will ensure your success.
Psychology will help you in your interpersonal relationships by giving you a better understanding of what makes other people, and yourself, tick. Knowing how people think and act, and why they do the things they do, can help you better handle situations with others and work through your own issues (because we all have them, right?)
Of course, there are many other important fields of study that you can and should pursue, but just as important as your success in your career is your success in life. College is your last chance to prepare for the real world, so focus on becoming a well-rounded individual.
What class would you recommend for a crash course in real life?
Via The New York Times