The Hottest Back to School Gadgets for Your Dorm

It’s back to school time, and it’s time to bring your dorm into the digital age. Whether it’s a new coffee maker or a new alarm clock, there are several new electronic devices that will make your life easier and your roommate jealous.
Here’s a list of this school year’s hottest gadgets:
Clocky Alarm Clock ($39): No longer will you be able to blame your tardiness on your alarm clock. Clocky has wheels attached to the sides and rolls away out of your reach to keep you from hitting the snooze button excessively.
Pivot Power ($25): This bendy power strip lets you shape it to fit any space. You can twist it, curl it or stretch it. Do whatever you need to do to make all those power cords more organized and less noticeable.
Andrea Plant-based Air Purifier ($200): This futuristic-looking plant holder promises to remove toxic gases from your dorm “by enhancing the natural absorptive properties of living plants.” You can get rid of that unsightly, massive air purifier and replace it with this new purifier that looks more like The Jetson’s house plant than a purification system.
iPOD Desk Lamp ($40): This convenient gadget is both a lamp and an iPod dock. To save room, the lamp folds into an egg shape and even has a compartment to store power cords.
Pico Pocket Projector ($230): Now you won’t have to go to the theaters to watch movies on the big screen. This pocket projector is smaller than the average phone and is cheaper than those clunky media projectors. You can also display photos and videos by attaching the projector to your cell phone, PDA or digital camera.
T20 Home Brewer ($130): You may never go back to Starbucks. The T20 Home Brewer is nothing like the $20 coffee maker mom got for you. Using a T-disc, the multipurpose coffee maker can brew a single-cup serving of coffee, hot chocolate, tea and other hot beverages. T-discs, however, are pricier than using ground-up coffee beans. A T-disc can run you a dollar each, while a regular cup of coffee costs only 20 cents.
Via The Huffington Post
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