The Impact of the College Wait List

One of my last posts, I discussed dealing with rejection from colleges. Now, things are brightening up some as I look forward to deciding between the two colleges I have finally narrowed my list down to. I was wait-listed at one school and plan to put my name on their active wait list because it is a school I would love to attend. This, of course, is probably the biggest decision I will be making my senior year.
One of the things I decided was putting my name on that wait list. Putting your name on the wait list at a school is not something you should take lightly. If you really desire to attend the school, then by all means put your name on the wait list. But, if you get the letter in the mail and have no desire to put more effort into the process, then turn in the wait list response with the box checked ‘no, I do not wish to be put on your wait list’ because this will then open up a slot for another student you may have been behind you on the list who really wants to attend.
Now, deciding. This decision is going to have a huge impact on my future. This is why the decision as to which college you want to attend should be made by the you and no one else. There is nothing wrong with getting opinions from friends and parents, but in the end, look at the schools as unbiased as possible and make a solid decision on your own. This is your college experience and no one else but you should be the one making the decision!
So good luck to all seniors who have this decision ahead of them! I hope you are all happy with the choice you make!