The Importance of Advanced Placement Classes

You have to attend classes every day, from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon. After class, you might have sports practice or work. And then after that, you have homework. Needless to say, high school is a pretty busy time, so why should you bother with taking advanced placement or International Baccalaureate classes?
They are harder, have more homework and require much more studying than regular classes. Doesn’t sound like much fun, huh?
I took advanced placement classes when I was in high school. Sure, I did spend a lot of time studying, but it honestly was not a whole lot more time than I would have spent studying for any other class. But, did they actually make a difference in my academic career? The answer is a loud and resounding, yes!

First off, advanced placement classes teach you how to study. Before I took my first advanced placement class, I did not know how to apply myself to studying. But after advanced placement European history, I could read multiple chapters a night, compile my findings into spread sheets, and write short essays. By taking an advanced placement class in high school, I was better prepared to study in my college classes.
Secondly, colleges value advanced placement classes over regular classes. They recognize advanced placement classes as being more challenging and recognize students who take advanced placement classes as being hard workers. This is a characteristic that colleges value in their students.
The third most important thing about advanced placement classes is that you can earn college credit from them. By taking an advanced placement exam, you can earn up to six hours of college class credit, depending on which class you are taking. I earned 18 hours of college credit through advanced placement credit, which translates to more than a semester of college classes. A semester at college costs, on average, $3,500. By taking advanced placement classes, you can definitely save some cash.
So, if you are thinking about taking an advanced placement class next semester, I highly recommend it. Sure, these classes are slightly more difficult than regular high school classes, but they are more than worth the extra effort.