The Kno Is an Alternative Way to Use Digital Textbooks

There’s a new competitor in the e-reader market. To the list that includes the iPad, the Nookstudy, and Kindle, add The Kno. The Kno seeks to set itself apart from its competitors with its hinged two-screen construction that opens just like a book. You may have heard of The Kno under its previous name, KaKai.
The Kno truly seeks to offer all the same features as the iPad. It has a web browser, the capacity to download and store textbooks, watch videos, and take notes. The screen can be manipulated by touch or using a stylus, which can also be used to take notes like writing with a pen. Within textbooks, students can highlight, use sticky notes, or write “directly” on the page or in the margins. There’s also a keyboard function. In-text links can be accessed right from the e-textbook. It even has features to help you study and organize your assignments.
Founders Babur Habib and Osman Rashid write that they studied the way students study while designing the product. They tested prototypes of The Kno with the help of many college students. The product’s release date has yet to be published, as is the price. However, the website says that The Kno will pay for itself when considering what students will save on traditional textbooks.
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