The Majority of California High School Students Earn Higher Levels of Education

Good news for those who live in California: a recent study showed that almost 75 percent of high school graduates go on to pursue a higher education.
This statistic was determined from data collected during the 2008-2009 school year and found that these students were enrolled in a college or university in the USA. The names of students were cross-checked with the National Student Clearinghouse to determine if they were actually enrolled in a higher education establishment. The data can be analyzed by district, county, school, and even by personal demographic categories, such as race and gender. The students are identified in the study by their names, dates of birth, and other factors.
More than half of the students studied attended a school in either California Community College, California State University, or the University of California systems. More than 25 percent of the students who attended these schools earned at least one year’s worth of college credit within their first two years of enrollment.
“This is just the first glimpse of the kind of data that could be done,” said Keric Ashley, the director of data management for the state education department.
Keric continued on to say that this data system could potentially track students in the future to find out how many graduate from college and analyze their earnings once they enter the job-force. This information could then be used to compare the earnings of those who only graduated high school and those who earned a higher level of education.
Via The LA Times
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