The Most Unusual College Courses

A tree climbing course at Cornell University
In addition to American literature and psychology 101, some students can add queer musicology or tree climbing to their class schedule. Whether students are trying to find an easy filler class or just wanting to try something completely new, these unusual college courses seem to be popping up all over the country.
According to the Huffington Post College, here’s a list of some of the most unusual and coolest college courses:

  • The Science of Harry Potter at Frostburg State University: J.K. Rolling fans get a chance to discover links between science and magic. Frostburg professor, George Plitnik, explains the principle of physics through the Harry Potter series and brings up questions such as “could genetic engineering produce a three-headed dog?” and “could antigravity make a broomstick fly?”.
  • Tree climbing at Cornell University: Instead of bowling or aerobics, some students at Cornell are choosing to climb trees for their physical education credit. The outdoor education program at Cornell teaches students how to climb to the canopy of the tree and move from tree to tree without touching the ground.
  • Philosophy and Star Trek at Georgetown University: Trekkies can discuss topics such as the possibility of time-travel and whether or not humans are just brains in vats. Along with watching Star Trek reruns, students read passages from works of great philosophers, extract key arguments and then examine those arguments in class.
  • Maple syrup making at Alfred University: Pancake lovers are sure to enjoy this class. In addition to learning how syrup is made, students get to taste and make their own maple syrup.
  • Queer musicology at the University of California, Los Angeles: This UCLA class combines the queer theory with the science of music. Students discuss such concepts as the possibility that gay-composed music sounds different than that of straight-composed music.

Via The Huffington Post
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