The Princeton Review's SAT Score Quest App Helps Students Prepare for the SAT

All high school students know that taking the SAT exam is a milestone in your education process. You have to study for it for days on end, actually take the exam, wait for it to come back, and then, you might have to do the entire process all over again if you did not get the score you wanted.
Now, from the Princeton Review, comes a new iPad app called the SAT Score Quest. This app offers key concepts and advice for many difficult tasks on the SAT, such as how to use process of elimination to select the correct math answer and how to determine which vocabulary word to use based on context. Then, once you learn the core concepts, you can apply those concepts in the practice SAT sections included in the app. After you have completed each section, you can find out how you did with a free Score Report. You can also track your progress and see how far you have to go to reach your goals.

SAT Score Quest also contains a Princeton Review Store where you can get more free apps, receive discounts for private tutoring, learn about online classes, and much more. These extra features improve your ability to study for the SAT and could help you improve your scores on the exam.
If you are nervous about studying for the SAT, want some extra practice, or just want a cool and useful new app for your iPad, check out the SAT Score Quest.
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