The Role of Homework in your Child's Education

We all dream of our children getting admission in top 10 universities in US that’s a source of great appeal and aspire awe in many students considering the ample job opportunities it can lead to for the selected candidates in future. But getting admission in these universities is not a piece of cake, it requires a lot of hard work and determination from the very beginning. But that doesn’t mean you don’t apply at all. You cant be admitted if you don’t apply. If you don’t apply you self -select yourself out of a chance of getting admission in a prestigious university by not applying in the first place. Another factor that helps securing admission in university is your previous academic record and your good grades. You do need to have good grades to be even considered admission in the first place even before an entry test.
The reason many students fail to secure admission in top universities is due to low marks and not having a strong base. Even if a person is successful in applying to a particular university at first, but wouldn’t be able to clear the interview or entry test due to weak concepts that affects their confidence of in a long run.

What can be done?
Seek help
If you think your child is having difficulty coping in school, doesn’t easily grasp the concepts and needs extra attention, then you don’t have to worry anymore as there’s so much help available online. Now you don’t even have to worry about hiring a professional to help your child with his studies. There are homework helpers who can make your life hassle free, without you having to worry about making your child finish his long list of homework. The best part is within minutes you can find someone who can cater to your needs as well as fit your budget (yes, these homework helpers are pretty economical) and get homework help online from the comfort of your own home. Hiring a tutor was never so easy before.
Importance of home work
Homework is one of the most controversial topics as different people have different opinions. For some parents homework is a nightmare, while some parents think homework is necessary for the enforcement of concepts at home. The debate over homework is an old one. Good and Brophy defines homework as, “ An important extension of in-school opportunities to learn.” (p.393).
While some proponents strongly believe in the importance of homework in the development of a child’s progress, still the question arsis, is homework important in determining the student’s grade?
It Reinforces the concepts learnt in class
Homework proves to be an important intersection between home and school. Homework given prior to a lesson can support learning later in class. Homework provides ample opportunities for reinforcement of concepts learnt during school hours. Children tend to forget the concepts learnt in class easily if they are not reinforced at home, as some subjects, for instance maths needs a lot practice and reinforcement. So, if you are a parent, you’ll have to find the best math tutor in your area and make the child reiterate all maths concepts.
Children develop research skills
When a child gets a monthly assignment to be done at home, it develops his/her research skills. As children research for themselves from reference materials such as encyclopedias, books, and cds and gather information from people. It develops their research skills and makes them independent learners.
Promotes sense of responsibility
When children are given the assignment to do it independently without the help of teachers and peers, it teaches them to be more responsible. When a child brings an assignment home gather and organize the material and submit it on a given deadline and receive a grade for his performance. It strengthens his/her sense of responsibility.
Time Management and sound planning
It teaches children necessary skills such as sound planning and time management as they are solely responsible for the work.
Parent’s stays connected
When a child brings homework, it offers schools an opportunity to let parents know what their children are learning at school. It keeps parents informed about their academic progress, different class activities and concepts done in school and also if a child is able to grasp those concepts or having difficulty learning them. It makes possible for parents to keep a check and balance and monitor their independent progress.
It keeps children busy
They say an empty mind is a devils workshop. If a child is free throughout the day tends to get involved in mischief and meaningless activities such as playing games on Xbox or excessively using the internet and social media which is not at all healthy. Hence homework helps parents compete with the distractions of media.
Teachers can keep track of students’ progress
Homework allows teachers to keep track with a child’s progress, it helps the teacher understanding if a child is having difficulty understanding content or falling behind the rest of the class.

Problem solving
Problem solving is another important skill that children learn when they are confronted with problems while completing their assignments, they figure out the way to resolve the issues, teaches them how to solve problems later in life.
There are few disadvantages of homework too, which should be kept in mind by the school management and teachers while giving homework such as,

  • It makes children feel tired after spending a long day at school
  • Even though it teaches responsibility to children, but it also causes a lot of stress and anxiety
  • Doesn’t allow them any free time to relax
  • Children don’t get much time to get involved in outdoor activities
  • Sometimes homework isn’t even relevant
  • Students get tired of homework, hence don’t involve in any educational games and books.

While we all agree that homework plays an important role in learning, but at the same time a child mustn’t be burdened with too much homework, it should be moderate, and a school should have a homework policy which dictates the type of homework task should be sent home and their frequency.