The U.S. Should Take Pointers From Top Scoring Education Systems

For many years now, teachers in America have been overlooked for their hard work and passion for educating students. Lately there has been a heavy focus on education practices and teachers in America which has caused education areas to be highlighted.
McGraw-Hill has conducted some research on the most successful education systems in the world. According to their results, raising the status of the teaching profession can make a huge difference in the quality of education that the country’s children receive. The top scoring education systems were found in South Korea, Singapore and Finland. These countries search for top graduates to fill teaching positions. They also offer higher pay and give teachers mentors.

American teachers are known for being grossly underpaid and having to deal with overcrowded classrooms. Many teachers leave the profession within the first five years, identifying low pay and lack of support as the main reasons. President Obama is pushing congress for education reform by this September to help with these matters. He wants teachers to have more support and give them the ability to exercise more creativity in their teaching styles.
Another area that can make a difference in education and attracting better teachers is spending money in the right places. Many education budgets have a great deal of funding, but spend a majority of the money on busing students or athletic facilities.
When you look at the top performing countries’ education structures, attracting the right teachers and rewarding them for their academic success are elements that play a large part in their success. One charter school in New York has already taken this mentality to heart and offers teachers a salary $125,000 per year. The principal at this school believes the teachers are worth it and goes through to hand pick the very best instructors possible.
Via The Huffington Post