These 37 Rare Historical Welding Photos Will Leave You Speechless

These 37 Rare Historical Welding Photos Will Leave You Speechless

As these photos show, the history of America cannot be told without the history of welding.

From wartime manufacturing to the Tennessee Valley Authority work projects, the welder's torch has lit the path for Americans through our most trying times.

1. A welder works on the engine support assembly of an M-3 tank at the Chrysler tank arsenal in Detroit during WWII.

2. Another welder fabricating M-3 tank parts

3. Welders building the war emergency pipeline from Longview, Texas to Norris City, Illinois

4. A welder at a military base in California

5. A welder working in the Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyards in Baltimore, Maryland

6. Another welder in the Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyards

7. A welder fabricating transformers at Westinghouse in Sharon, Pennsylvania

8. A welder makes Bofors forty-millimeter gun mounts in a Midwest rubber factory converted for war production

9. A student learns at De Land school in an aircraft construction class in Florida

10. A welder in Stamford, Connecticut takes a break while working on a sub-chaser.

11. James Kermit Lucas welds on the top deck of the ship "Booker T. Washington"

12. A welder works on a sub-chaser

13. A Tennessee Valley Authority welder takes a break at the Watts Bar Dam hydroelectric plant

14. A female welder works on sub-assembly for a B-25 "Billy Mitchell" bomber in Inglewood, California

15. A welder runs a seam on a high-pressure boiler in one of the Chattanooga shops of the Combustion Engineering Company

16. A welder joins parts of the body of a halftrac scout car in the converted Eastern plant of a lock and safe manufacturer Diebold Safe and Lock Company in Canton, Ohio

17. A welder working on a Dodge army truck

18. Spot welding on the Shasta Dam in Shasta County, California

19. Floyd Swick, a welder from Newton, Kansas works in the Valley Center oil field near Wichita, Kansas

20. A welder takes a break at the Shasta Dam

21. The structural shop of the Keystone Drilling Company in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

22. 40th Street weld shop of the C & NW railroad in Chicago

23. A welder works in the round-house at the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad's Proviso yard

24. Welding boilers for a ship in Chattanooga, Tennessee

25. Welders at the Combustion Engineering Co

26. Another shot from the Combustion Engineering Co

27. Boiler fabrication

28. The California Shipbuilding Corporation in Wilmington, California

29. A military welder on the Western front

30. A welder takes a break at the Cherokee Dam, a TVA project

31. A welder of the Ingalls Shipbuilding Company

32. A welder at the Landers, Frary, and Clark plant in Connecticut works on gun mounts for the war

33. A welder poses for a photo on the Arkansas-Texas state line war emergency pipeline

34. A pipeline welder works on the Arkansas-Texas line

35. A welder builds a new steel mill for the Columbia Steel Company in Geneva, Utah

36. Jesse Kermit Lucas takes a break with his apprentice Rodney Gail Chesney while working on the construction of the ship "Booker T. Washington"

37. A welder helps convert the Plymouth Car factory for wartime production in Detroit