Three Good Things About Finals Week

Argh. It’s finals time. It’s supposed to be the happiest time of the year with the holidays almost here, but if you are in school, this is also one of the most stressful times of the year.
So far, I’ve pulled two all-nighters and drank more cups of coffee than should be humanly possible, all in the name of studying for those darn tests! If you’re in the same boat as me, it might seem quite easy to sink into a finals depression, where dropping out and living under a bridge sounds better than looking at your notes one more time. If that’s where you are, then try to take comfort in the three nice things about this week so that you can stay sane during finals.
1. You get to wear sweatpants and hoodies all day, every day, and nobody cares. During finals week, everyone understands that it is just way too much effort to put on “real” clothes. This week only, you can feel quite stylish if you roll out of bed, don’t bother with your appearance, and walk into class wearing your pajamas. And let’s face it, between cramming all night and trying to get a few hours of sleep, who has time to spend in front of the mirror, trying to be a super model? Embrace your inner slob and stay comfy. Hey, everyone else is doing it.
2. You can become a coffee connoisseur.There are so many options when it comes to coffee. Do you like it black or with cream? Iced or hot? Café Americano or café au lait? These are very important things to know about yourself, and finals week is a great time to explore all of your options, and possibly try a few pastries along the way.
3. All of those trips to Starbucks may work off the calories in a gingerbread latte. Research has proven on multiple occasions that exercise is a great way to relieve stress. So in between cram sessions, hit the pavement, lift some weights, or practice yoga. Your body will thank you and you will feel more relaxed and ready to get back to the library. But of out of respect to your fellow students, please take a shower and change your sweats before you return to the stacks and books.
The best part of finals week is that it’s only one week. And afterwards, you get a break from school. No worrying about ten-page papers or 8:00 a.m. final exams. In just a few days, you can sleep in and try to catch Santa putting presents under your tree.
Until then, good luck studying!