Tips for Celebrating Valentine's Day, Based on the Length of Your Relationship

It’s almost here: Valentine’s Day! Somehow, this day has evolved from the ancient stories about a monk who married couples during a time when marriage was illegal to becoming a pink- and heart-filled day that pressures people in relationship to declare their love and devotion for their significant other.
Personally, I love V-Day, but I do recognize that it has gotten a little out of hand and can leave many people wondering: How should I celebrate this day if I have only been with my significant other for a week/a month/a year, etc.?
Well, if you need tips for the proper Valentine’s Day Celebration, based on the length of your relationship, then look no further. You have come to the right place.

  • Casually dating, non-exclusive. You shouldn’t really expect anything special on V-Day if you are in this phase of your relationship. Also, I do not really think it is a good day to bring up the subject of making your relationship exclusive either because there is just so much pressure and hype associated with this day. Instead, spend the day with your other single friends and send him/her a text message asking to do something together the next weekend.
  • Just started dating exclusively. This is the point when everything in your relationship is new and exciting, so it’s to get caught up in the romantic feeling. Try not to go too overboard though. Instead, maybe you could do something simple, like having a picnic in your favorite park and spending the afternoon talking and getting to know each other better. Chocolate and flowers are also a great idea for this point in your relationship because you probably don’t have enough intimate knowledge of each other yet to get a more personalized gift.
  • Dating for several months. You probably have gotten to know your significant other pretty well by now, so plan on doing something together that you both enjoy. Maybe it’s going to a new restaurant that you have been talking about checking out or watching a movie that you both love. Gifts or cards that relate to an inside joke you share would also be great because they will remind you of fun times you have had together.
  • Dating for a year or more. By this point, you really know the other person and care about him/her, so you have my full permission to engage in all the lovey-dovey, gushy Valentine’s Day activities. Go out to eat at a nice restaurant or stay at home and cook something together. No matter what you do, just be with the person you love and enjoy yourselves. Because that’s what V-Day is really about, right?

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Do you have any cute stories you want to share? Tell us about it in the comments section below.
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