Tips for Getting Hired After Graduation

Just graduated with no way to pay off that rather pricey degree? The job search can be tough and stressful, but job hunting goes beyond the wanted ads. Here are some helpful tips that will boost your chances of getting that job:
1. Be flexible: Be willing to work for a smaller company rather than a large company and be ready to except a lower salary than expected. Also, finding that perfect job may mean relocating. Keep an open mind to moving.
2. Spend some time on your resume: Though we’d like to think that putting together our resumes is as easy as googling “resume templates,” it’s just not that simple. Be sure to have several people look at your resume and be sure to tailor it to the position you are applying for. Use strong action verbs also to add energy to your profile.
3. Take advantage of your school’s career services: All colleges have some sort of job placement office, and most of them have connections with large local companies. Call your school and make an appointment. Feel free to ask them questions about your resume, cover letter and the much-dreaded interview.
4. Keep in mind that you can always quit: New graduates sometimes worry if they are picking the right job. Sometimes you have to take risks. That means taking that commissioned-based job or accepting a position that requires you to work some Saturdays. If it doesn’t work out you can always quit, and you have that much more experience under your belt.
5. Use your degree to its full potential: Remember that your first job out of college doesn’t have to be directly linked to your degree. Philosophy and English majors are in scarce job markets and will have to market their degrees towards other fields. For the philosophy majors, you have been trained to think analytically and you could be valuable to the business world. As for the English majors, a hiring manager may be inclined to hire you because they know you have been trained to write and speak clearly. Consider a job in communications.
Via The New York Times
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