Tony Robbins' Education Background

Anthony “Tony” Robbins was born February 29, 1960. He was born as Anthony J Mahavorick in North Hollywood, California. Later Robbins moved to Azusa, California, and attended Glendora High School. Robbins received no further formal education beyond high school.
Robbins began his career promoting the seminars of his mentor and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn.
Later Robbins began teaching neuro-linguistic programming. Robbins had learned from neuro-linguistic programming co-founder John Grinder. 1983, Robbins learned how to firewalk. Robbins began to incorporate firewalking into his seminars. Robbins then began to develop and teach Neuro-Associative Conditioning.
Robbins used infomercials to promote his seminars and programs. His programs, seminars and self-help item featured Neuro-linguistic programming and Ericksonian hypnosis. Robbins wanted to be referred to as a peak performance coach not a motivational speaker. Robbins’ career has been very successful. He has authored two top-selling books title Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement and Awaken The Giant Within.
Robbins’ has worked with numerous celebrities and members of governments such as Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, François Mitterrand, Princess Diana, Fran Tarkenton, Pamela Anderson, Quincy Jones, Erin Brockovich and Anthony Hopkins.
In February 2009 NBC released a new reality show called Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, which trailed Robbins as he helped the show’s participants face their personal challenges. It debuted on July 27, 2010. NBC cancelled the show after airing only two of the six episodes, due to low viewership.
Robbins founded the Anthony Robbins Foundation, whose mission is to empower students and prisoners, organize food drives, and fund Robbins’ “Discovery Camp.” Robbins is married to Bonnie Humphrey who is now known as Sage Robbins. He is the father of four children.
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