Top 5 Awesomely-Weird College Majors

When you think of bachelor’s degrees, fields like business administration, criminal justice and psychology probably come to mind. However, when it’s finally time to pick your major, you don’t have to choose a popular one. Ever considered majoring in puppetry, or how about packaging?
Check out this list of unusual, but awesome, majors:
Equine studies: Horses can be more than just your hobby. Over 70 colleges, including Colorado State University, Rocky Mountain College and the Savannah College of Art and Design, offer this major. Classes include breeding, training, exercising, housing and grooming horses. Grads in this major often train for competitions or own their own stables.
Packaging: Created in 1955 at Michigan State University, this major’s main focus is on math and science, while also incorporating business, sociology and psychology. You can learn how to improve the function of different packaging systems and solve complex business problems. Jobs in this field include working in supply chain management and large packaging companies. The University of South Carolina and Missouri State University offer the global supply chain management major.
Puppetry: If Jim Henson is your hero, maybe majoring in puppets is right for you. The University of Connecticut offers a BFA in the puppet arts, but this major goes beyond making stuffed dolls come to life. According to the university’s website, puppet majors “perform and design for many theaters around the world. They appear in, build for and manage internally recognized television programs and films, write books, design toys, teach children and direct prominent schools and museums.”
Baking and pastry arts: You can have your cake and eat it too with this major. Over 100 schools, like the Art Institute of Seattle, the Art Institute of Washington and the Culinary Institute of America, offer a baking degree. Students in this major can expect to take courses in baking and culinary techniques, in addition to operations management. “The viability of a baker or pastry artist is dependent on whether or not they can express their talent to the public not only satisfying their hunger, but dazzling their senses,” according to the Art Institute of Seattle.
Gerontology: If you would like to work with elderly people, or you have an interest in the study of aging, this could be the major for you. James Madison University, in addition to over 70 other universities, offers this major. JMU senior Katie Deskin has known for a long time that she wanted to work with the elderly. “Ever since the sixth grade, I have volunteered with older adults and developed a passion to help those whose needs are often neglected by society,” Deskin said.
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