Top Education News Stories for 2010

As 2010 draws to its close, we took a look at the most read news stories on As you may know, our blog covers a very wide range of topics, from advice on applying to college to education legislature in Washington. This list is created by our readers: these are the topics you are searching for and reading about.
1. IPad EBook Reader to Offer Textbooks
Released in April of 2010, the iPad was one of the most discussed tech developments of the year. The tablet computer offers far more interactive capacity than a standard e-reader, and book publishers leapt at the opportunity to make their digital textbooks iPad-compatible.

2. IPad Textbooks and IBookstore to Change How College Students Consume Books
Although a report from OnCampus Research found that by the fall semester of 2010 only four percent of college students were using an iPad to study, the potential for growth in the eduction sector is great. Schools around the globe are adopting the new technology, using digital books to supplement traditional classroom materials.
3. 30 College Date Party Ideas for a Can’t-Miss Event
Parties are a staple of campus life, but just getting a keg every weekend isn’t going to cut it. This thorough list of themes is sure to give you inspiration for the next date party your sorority or fraternity hosts.
4. Bob Stoops Leads Highest Paid College Football Coaches
Student debt may be higher than ever before and many colleges are struggling over budget cuts, but a successful coach is still sitting pretty. A winning football team brings notoriety and additional income to its university, and many schools consider a multi-million dollar salary for a top coach a good investment.
5. 27 Frightening and Disgusting Fraternity and Sorority Hazing Tactics
Bullying doesn’t end in high school, finding an organized sanction in the form of fraternity and sorority hazing. Although those participating in these “rites of passage” are often sworn to secrecy, one writer exposes the worst of hazing tactics.

6. The Top 10 Nursing Schools in the U.S.
The economy continued to suffer in 2010, and although Wall Street began to see recovery the unemployment rate is still high. The currently unemployed and young people alike are seeking new educational opportunities in “recession-proof” fields, like nursing.

7. Bros Icing Bros Drinking Game Sweeping College Campuses
At the end of the spring 2010 semester, this strange party game emerged. Smirnoff Ice, a sweet malt beverage generally considered to be “girly,” enjoyed new popularity among college males participating in the chug-fest.

8. The Best Business Schools in the U.S.
College rankings may be a fraught subject, but comparing programs by specialization can give students applying for college a good starting point. Our review of the best business programs in the country compares schools on a number of criteria: best professors, best career prospects and best classroom experience.

9. President Obama Signs New Education Reform Act
President Obama signed the Education reconciliation Act of 2010 on March 30. The reform changes the structure of government student loans, and also will decrease the rate at which students will be required to repay their loans starting in 2014.
10. The 17 Day Diet for College Students
Our wellness editor Heather weighs in on the pros and cons for students who wish to try this hot diet plan. Created by Dr. Mike Moreno, The 17 Day Diet promises to help you change your lifestyle to not only lose weight, but also to keep it off long-term.