Top Summer Fashion Trends for 2011

Use just a hint of neon to avoid going overboard
Hot temperatures mean hot fashion trends for the summer. While 80s fashion trends are still in, the 70s are making a huge comeback. 2010 was all about military coats, but this year is all about chic-biker jackets.
Spring fashion week inspired these summer fads, and if you don’t want to be stuck in 2010, I suggest you update your wardrobe with these must-have styles:
Neon colors: The brighter the better, baby. Neon pinks and oranges were a hit this spring fashion week, and they are here to stay at least through the summer. Wear hints of neon colors to keep you from looking like a rainbow and giving others a headache. Wear some bright ballet flats or a neon cami underneath a dark cardigan or blazer.

The 70s: Bye-bye 80s tights, hello wide-leg pants. The 70s were all about peasant tops, paisley prints and platform shoes. Think Boho-chic when you try to pull off this look. Watch a few re-runs of “That 70s Show” to get more ideas.
Biker clothing: The biker look is all about snap buttons and zippers. You’ll need a leather jacked and some heavy-metal jewelry to pull off this look. Finish it off with some skinny jeans and sexy kitten heels.
Clogs: While they aren’t the most comfortable shoes a person can wear, they’re none the less on fire this year. Clogs go hand-in-hand with the 70s look. Wooden and clunky, clogs can easily look ridiculous, so only wear ones with heels, and only purchase simple ones with minimal embellishments.
Flatforms: Mix platforms and flats into one, and you’ve got this crazy concoction of trendy footwear. They’re comfy because they’re flat on the bottom, and they’re hot because they’ll give you that much-needed height you desire.
Nautical style: White and navy-blue stripes are key elements in pulling off this look. Look for tops with boat-neck collars, and complete these outfits with deck shoes and white sailor trousers. You don’t want to look like the cover of a “Cracker Jack” box, so think sexy, not theatrical. Wear simple gold jewelry and tight-fitted clothes to make this look trendy.
Via Glamour
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