Tour College Campuses on Facebook with YourCampus360

YourCampus360 has launched a virtual tour app that allows you to take a tour of a college campus right from your Facebook account. Although nothing can replace the actual experience of taking a campus tour and meeting some of the students, this app may be able to give you a better glimpse before you make your travel arrangements.
I took a virtual tour of Wellesley College. The tour provides you with a “path view” and a map that shows what part of the campus you are looking at, in addition to information about the college and its facilities. There’s also a digital narrator, who will read you the commentary about each location, however, I found this to be annoying and opted to turn it off. The tour also provides you with links directly to the college’s official website and allows you to schedule a visit. The tour definitely give you a good sense of the layout and architecture of the school.
Other colleges that currently have YourCampus360 virtual tours include Syracuse University, Youngstown State University, University of New Haven and Boston College. There are several more college tours under construction. YourCampus360 told the AllFacebook blog that they are discussing the possibility of creating campus-related games.
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