Trying Something New!

For as long as I can remember, I have always made fun of golfers and always said it wasn’t a sport I would ever find myself playing. It’s funny how opinions change though isn’t it!? This year I picked up a golf club and joined the girls golf team at my high school!
Not that this idea was entirely my decision. My friend is on the golf team and finally talked me into doing it. I must say, I’m extremely glad she did because I have a new found respect for golfers. Not only is it a difficult sport to learn but it also takes immense amounts of concentration. It’s more than just hitting the ball and putting it into a hole with a flag. This is also a sport that I will be able to continue playing, if I enjoy it, for a long time, unlike other sports like softball that I’ll eventually be too old for. Today at practice I realized that while I tell all the younger students, especially freshmen, to take advantage of all opportunities they are offered, but there are so many things that I have missed out on because I just decided not to do it.
High school has so many opportunities it offers to its students and taking advantage of these opportunities is something I really push amongst freshmen and sophomores. High school is full of learning experiences that help you shape and become the person you are or the person you will become. Due to these growing and learning experiences, taking advantage of all opportunities placed in front of you in a very smart thing to do. Now I’m not saying, be involved in absolutely everything. If you try to do that then you will wear yourself thin and wont be able to keep up with everything you are a part of. Involving yourself in a few clubs or sports and going to social activities from time to time is what I’m talking about. These things also make time for you to be with friends and make new friends, which is always a great thing!
So try something new. Join a club, learn a sport, just be sure whatever it is you do, have fun doing it and enjoy yourself! Every experience, good or bad, is a growing experience.