U.S. Economy Will Lose 300,000 College Graduates Every Year

A recent study published by Georgetown University entitled Help Wanted: Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018 spelled out some complicated news regarding the economy. It’s been estimated that the U.S. workforce will be short 300,000 college graduates every year until 2018.
There are a couple reasons for this predicament. The recession produced a shift from manual labor jobs to those requiring higher education degrees. Our unemployment rate is still a staggering 9.6 percent because there aren’t enough college graduates to fulfill the needs of the jobs that are available.
Careers in farming, fishing, manufacturing and industrial work are disappearing because employers have either automated the processes or shipped the positions out of the country. By doing this, business owners benefit from cheap labor. This apparent win for employers ultimately comes at the cost of our economy.
You and I both know that this isn’t a new problem. We’ve struggled for years to keep American jobs in America and although there are many ways we can protest and fight, at some point we have to accept the inevitable. We can’t always force others to do what is right, but we can control our own destiny.
Instead of fighting the economic shift, we should embrace it and rise up above it. We need to emphasize and encourage post-secondary education, making it more accessible and affordable. Higher education should be one of this country’s top priorities and it’s starting to look like it will have to be.
Via: College News