University of Hawaii Wants to House Obama's Library

President Obama hasn’t even completed his second year in office, and the University of Hawaii already is planning to persuade the commander in chief to let the university house his presidential library.
Chancellor of UH Virginia Hinshaw said, “If you’re going to be ready, you need to organize many years ahead.”
Though Obama was born in Hawaii, the university is not yet a shoo-in. UH is working hard towards obtaining the library, but it will have to out bid Chicago and several other places.
“Well it will be his choice and we respect that choice,” Virginia Hinshaw said.

However, the university is stepping up to make the decision easy for Obama. Officials are currently looking at other presidential libraries and finding out the necessary requirements to create such a building. They are also looking for possible locations for the library, such as Oahu or the other neighbor islands.
Several UH students are elated at the idea that the university could potentially house Obama’s library.
“I think it should definitely be here in Hawaii.” said Erin Westover, UH Manoa student. “I think there is a lot of support for him here just because he went to school here and people love him.”
Another student agrees. “It would be a first for Hawaii,” said Nate Black, UH Manoa student. “50th state but first president and first in a lot of good ways.”
On the other hand, Dylan Nonaka, Hawaii Republican party executive director, doesn’t think the library is such a good idea.
“Well I think what’s more important than having a presidential library here is what goes in it and if the presidential library contains the records of high unemployment through his presidency and a takeover health care system and all kinds of government bailouts, is that something we really want?” he said. “I don’t know. I’ll let the people decide.”
Whether everyone in the state likes the idea or not, UH will invest money to make the first proposal to the president. The construction expenses for the library will not be paid using taxpayer money. Along with the president’s own fundraising efforts, it will also be paid with money from non-profits.
Via Hawaii News Now
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