University of Phoenix Launching Continuing Education School

Working professionals and adults that want to increase their knowledge will now have a chance to take continuing education courses at the University of Phoenix. The University of Phoenix, owned by the Apollo Group, will soon be offering the School of Continuing Education for current professionals and working adults. The individual classes and certificate programs will start this year and will focus on teaching and training students in rapidly-changing technologies. The curriculum for the School of Continuing Education will build on some of the existing curriculum already available at the University of Phoenix.
Al De Seta is the new dean and executive director of the School of Continuing Education. He believes that in order to stay competitive, people must demonstrate and increase their value to employers. Continued learning and professional development are some of the best ways to exhibit this. This new program will allow people to gain new skills and expertise while strengthening their careers and their personal brands.

The emphasis of this new program will be on teaching students on the newest technologies for some of the fastest growing industries. Offerings will be available in classes including business, information technology, marketing, health care and continuing teacher education. By taking these courses, working professionals can stay at the forefront of emerging practices without having to complete an entire degree. With the job market being so competitive, taking these courses and earning certificates can make you a valuable asset when it comes to possible promotions or special tasks within the company.
Via Phoenix Business Journal