Unusual College Majors Cut From Schools

With the recent recession, universities across the country are trying to tighten budgets in any way possible. Several are cutting sports, others are laying off professors and some are even doing away with majors. The more popular majors, like business administration and psychology, are here to stay, but there are several obscure majors that are no longer available to students.
Here’s a list of five majors that you’ve likely never heard of, but have nonetheless been discontinued:
Music management and merchandising: Only a total of 18 students over five years chose this degree at Mansfield University. The major, which was discontinued in October 2009, gave music hopefuls a chance to join “a program that prepares individuals to organize and manage music organizations, operations, facilities and personnel.”
Corporate communication: Offered at Hawaii Pacific University, the students that chose this major were given a chance to be apart of “a firm grounding for a career in the ever-expanding industry of corporate communication, as well as the fields of advertising, integrated marketing communications, public relations, and other related fields.” But, without reason, this major was dropped unexpectedly.
Master’s degree in tourism: In June, the California University of Pennsylvania decided to drop low-enrolled classes- tourism being one of them. Before the cutbacks, one could earn a degree that “prepares students for careers in tourism research, planning and development.”
Television-radio: Offered as an option within Southern Illinois University’s mass communications department, this degree gave undergraduate students a chance to work for either television or radio stations.
Teaching individuals with orthopedics: As of June 2010, Indiana University of Pennsylvania no longer offered this major. According to, this degree is “a program that focuses on the design of educational services for children or adults with orthopedic and other health impairments which adversely affect their educational performance and that may prepare individuals to teach such students.” Unfortunately, the school did away with this major because it was one of the least pursued degrees.
Via The Huffington Post
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