UPromise Offers a Way to Pay for College

We have all been writing blog after blog about how to save for rising tuition and prepare for the costs of college, but here is a way to save your money while spending money on everyday items.
Upromise is a free service that allocates money towards college bills and student loans when you purchase groceries, shop online or buy gas. Students can also use the money for 529 investment programs.
With over 700 online stores from retailers such as Best Buy, eBay, Expedia, the Apple Store and almost 8,500 restaurants you’re sure to use it often. The program is also active in over 21,000 grocery and drug stores.
“Upromise’s goal is to help individuals attain the dream of higher education” said David Rochon, president of Upromise. “Only five percent of people are prepared to fully pay the expected costs of college. Through Upromise earnings and low-cost college savings plans, we make it easier for people at all life stages and income levels to help pay for college.”
Actual savings depends on your eligible spending. The program is an affiliate of Sallie Mae.
Get started with UPromise today and start earning money towards your college education.