Use's Inforgraphics for a Good Study Break

Have you ever wondered what are the top 10 things that have shaped your life in the past 10 years? Or maybe you have wondered where most college students use their smart phones? Or even if the cost of college is really worth it? You could spend hours conducting your own research on these various subjects, or you can just head on over to and check out their new InfoGraphics section.
In the past, has been known for renting college textbooks online. Now, they are venturing into the more entertaining market of creating infographics for students who are “wondering how your shenanigans will affect your future.” Infographics are a visually-pleasing way to present information and are rapidly gaining popularity as an aid during presentations.
Although most of the infographics on eCampus will not really help you academically, they are pretty fun and interesting to look at. Some do have valid information, such as facts about college drinking and what things students spend money on. However, this is really just a good way to entertain yourself. It can also help you enjoy a study break for a short amount of time without investing too much effort into figuring these things out.
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