Walden University Expands Degree Offerings

Students of online school Walden University now have three more options when it comes to choosing a degree program. The first is a new Bachelor’s degree in nursing, being offered for nurses who already have a hospital diploma or an Associate’s degree in nursing.
The second is a Bachelor’s degree in instructional design and technology. It is designed for students seeking a career as a curriculum designer, a course editor, an instructional coordinator, or even for someone interested in desktop publishing. With this degree you will be able to evaluate your organization’s training needs and then design a solution for them. Areas of concentration are three-fold: general, business and organizational change and human factors, and interface design.
The third new offering from Walden is a Master’s degree in leadership. This program is designed to give students the skills necessary to manage large institutions from corporate to government entities and beyond. Also, within this new program are eight specializations to choose from: entrepreneurship, general management, human resources leadership, innovation and technology, leader development, management, self-designed and sustainable futures.
These are exciting changes for Walden University, who made the Business Journal’s Top 25 list of colleges and universities in 2008, and show that the university is continuing to grow in response to the needs of its students and the industries who need them.